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Iranian automakers bribe MPs to uphold business

Iranian automakers bribe MPs to uphold business
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posted onJuly 27, 2019

The heads of Iranian major automakers, Iran Khodro and Saipa, have been bribing members of parliament in order to maintain their business, an Iranian official said on Saturday.

Ahmad Tavakoli, member of Iran’s Expediency Discernment Council said that, “those who manage Iran Khodro and Saipa are not naive people. They bribe parliament members to stay in their executive positions, and they buy off some opportunistic, corrupted, and greedy parliament representatives.”

 He has also criticized the Iranian parliament members and accused them of escalating corruption.

“Sometimes some members of parliament give the car manufacturing companies a list of names to be employed, and these companies accept it,” he explained. “Iran’s automotive industry has structural failures; some corrupt officials find automotive industry as an endless source of money.”

Hundreds of customers have been protesting against low quality cars in Iran and violations of contracts for pre-sold cars since last year.