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Iranian health minister warns about high level of corruption

Iranian health minister warns about high level of corruption
posted onJuly 16, 2019

Saeed Namaki, Iran's Health Minister, warned on Tuesday the growing corruption inside Iran’s health care system and revealed the existence of mafia networks who are doing illegal business.

During an opening ceremony introducing the operations of a military medicine institute in Iran, Namaki surprisingly noted that “some health officials who were supposed to import  2 million Euro worth of coronary stents, have imported power cables instead, and sold them in the black market."

He added, “These corrupted officials managed to flee the country, before we found out the case.”

Previously, Iranian government has been accusing US sanctions for the country’s failing health system.

“Over the past few days we have seized 7 pallets of expired medicines in the Customs Administration of Iran. These medicines were meant to be used by the citizens. How these expired medicines allowed into the country? Whom they coordinate with? Why we should not cooperate with each other and put an end to this mafia network?” Saeed Namaki said.

During a parliamentary meeting on July 14 Saeed Namaki has also disclosed another major financial corruption in the health system, which was estimated at nearly three and half billion dollars.

In addition to that, he also added that “we also do not know what has happened to $ 1 billion, which was financed for medical equipment.”