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Iranian MP reveals bribery corruption among members, ministers

Iranian MP reveals bribery corruption among members, ministers
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posted onJuly 8, 2019

An Iranian parliament member revealed on Monday cases of bribery corruption in the parliament by ministers who are trying to win the vote of members during impeachment process. 

"Housing units have been given to the representatives as bribes by ministers, who have been facing impeachment,” Iran Watch reported, quoting Iranian MP Abolfazl Abotorabi as saying.

"We're witnessing some corruptions relating to the impeachment of some of the ministers," He continued while clarifying about the corruptions occurring in general inside Iranian parliament.

According to this parliament member, a list has been made of the members who received the bribes. 

Iran is known as a country with high level of corruption from the highest political power, which is the supreme leader, to ministers, deputies and members of parliament.

Based on unofficial reports Khamenei's wealth is estimated at $200 billions allegedly earned through corruption.