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US doesn’t change stance on Iran, says Bolton

US doesn’t change stance on Iran, says Bolton
posted onAugust 28, 2019

US national security adviser said on Tuesday that President Trump’s readiness to talk to Iran doesn’t mean any change in US stance against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Talking with them [Iran] does not imply for President Trump changing your position and the idea that Iran would receive some tangible economic benefit merely for stopping doing things it shouldn’t have been in the first place is just a nonstarter,” Bolton told Radio Free Europe, according to the Times of Israel.

“If there is a comprehensive deal then of course the sanctions will come off at point. When the regime in Iran is ready to talk about that then there’ll be a meeting,” he added.

Earlier this week, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that Iran and Washington are open to negotiation. US President Donald Trump has also welcomed any negotiation with Iran after French president’s surprising announcement.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said a day after the announcement that his country will not start any talks with US officials, uncles the international sanctions are lifted, local media reported.

According to the Iranian president, Tehran has always been ready to talk, but “first the US should act by lifting aa illegal, unjust and unfair sanctions imposed on Iran,” Rouhani said during a speech broadcast live.