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Iranian workers start second round of protests

Iranian workers start second round of protests
posted onSeptember 28, 2019

Workers of Haft Tappeh Sugarcane factory in Iran’s southwestern province of Ahvaz went on a second round of strike over firing and jailing of their colleagues.

The main demands of the workers are the nationalization of the factory, freeing the jailed workers and renewing the contract of the workers.

“The contract of 20 of our colleagues has not been renewed, without any reason, those workers had no problem, they just took part in the protests,” one of the workers said on Saturday.

 Iran’s state media were covering the protest today, asking them why they are protesting.

“I know that what I say may not be broadcasted,” a worker told the correspondent of the state media. “We have been protesting for four years, why those organizations (Intelligence agencies) that have made security files against our colleagues, don’t investigate the administration of the factory,” he accused the administration of the factory of “having affiliation with authorities.”

He added that the officials ignore the workers at the beginning of every protest, “but as the protest attracts attention the security forces start arresting the workers.”

Workers of Haft Tappeh went on a 21-day-strike in November 2018, demanding their delayed salaries and nationalization of the factory.

Esmaeel Bakhshi, and Sepideh Gholian were arrested for 25 days but later freed on bail. They were rearrested again in January 2019 for speaking out against the tortures they have suffered from inside the prison.