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Rouhani: Iran is ready for ‘fair’ negotiations, not if talks mean ‘surrender’

Rouhani: Iran is ready for ‘fair’ negotiations, not if talks mean ‘surrender’
posted onJuly 24, 2019

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claimed on Wednesday that his country is in favor of “fair” negotiations but he did not specify what is the exact idea that Tehran is thinking about.

“We are fully ready to have fair, lawful and dignified negotiations to settle problems. Yet, we have no intention to sit at a capitulation table in the name of negotiations,” Iran’s Mehr News Agency quoted the president.

He defended his own administration and said it has always seeking opportunities for “lawful” and “just” talks.

The Iranian president has also criticized the US and “the damages” it made to the 2015 Iran’s nuclear deal, which according to Rouhani could benefit all parts if saved.

In May 2018, US president Donald Trump withdrew from Iran’s nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Tensions have been rising between the two countries since then.

Other countries such as Germany, Britain and France have been trying to save the deal with Iran despite the US drawing.

“We are in contact with the European side and other countries in the World, but their proposals have not been satisfactory for us,” Rouhani noted on Wednesday.

“We will continue the process of political talks, but if we don’t reach a desirable conclusion by the end of the second 60-day deadline, we will definitely begin the third stage,” he said.

Iran has set a deadline for second time, calling upon European countries to fulfill Tehran’s requests. Tehran has already increased the enriched uranium above the amount, which was guaranteed by the deal.

The Islamic Republic has frequently declared that it will further reduce its own commitments under the nuke deal, if Europeans failed to complete their promises.