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Iran ‘threatens’ Kurdish doctor over warning about coronavirus

Iran ‘threatens’ Kurdish doctor over warning about coronavirus
posted onApril 4, 2020

Dr. Rahim Yousifpour, a specialist from Kurdish city of Saqez published a video on his Instagram page on Friday saying he is under constant pressure from judiciary due to his pre-warning about coronavirus outbreak.

“One month ago, I warned about the spread of COVID-19 and because of these warnings, I have received eight summonses during the Nowruz (Iranian new year) holiday,” he said in the video.

Dr Yousifpour said he is expected to present himself to court on Saturday.

“Please be aware that whatever happened to me and if I died all of the sudden, it’s not because of a car accident, infection of coronavirus or other reasons,” he warned. “If something happened to me, it would be due to my warnings and telling the truth (regarding Coronavirus outbreak.)”

The video was shortly removed from his Instagram.

Yousifpour published another video in early March warning about the situation of Kurdistan Province, especially in Saqez. The number of people diagnosed with Coronavirus in Saqez, he said is more than one thousand.

Iran, which is among the most-affected countries by the virus, has been threatening doctors, nurses and journalists over information leakage regarding the pandemic.