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Yemen to EU: Talk to Iran to stop the war

Yemen to EU: Talk to Iran to stop the war
posted onJune 15, 2021

Yemen's foreign minister Ahmed Awad BinMubarak has asked the European Union to talk to Iran in order to achieve peace in Yemen.

"I ask the EU to use all the leverage it has to give a message to the Houthis and Iran," BinMubarak said in an interview with EUobserver. He emphasized on the role Iran is playing in flaming the war in Yemen by its constant support of anti-government Houthi forces.

International efforts have been made to create a ceasefire between the Saudi-supported coalition and the Iran-backed Houthi rebels to stop the fighting and let humanitarian aid into the country.

However, any ceasefire is still uncertain, as the Houthis raise the stakes before agreeing to their participation in new political talks.

"The international community always talks to [Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad] Zarif. He always says he supports peace," BinMubarak said, adding that "the reality on the ground in Yemen is different, as there are people from the Quds forces running the show."

Yemen also has found ships full of arms being transported from Iran to the Houthis.

"Iran has the key. The EU should pressure the Houthis and Iran - without making a link to the nuclear deal," he said.