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IRGCs warn of public protests amid increasing dissatisfactions with the regime

IRGCs warn of public protests amid increasing dissatisfactions with the regime
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posted onMarch 5, 2021

Iran has been arresting thousands of activists in the past few months, apparently to restrain any gatherings or movements that officials believe could lead to a general uprising.

Both Iranian Revolutionary Guards and research centers affiliated to the military organization warned that the nationwide protests of January 2018 and November 2019 were turning points in the history of street protests in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to Iranwire, there is fear of a repetition of these events among Iranian authorities that has led the Islamic Republic to use all the political, economic, military and security tools at its disposal to prevent a recurrence.

Several think-tank and study centers provided analysis of the current situation to the Revolutionary Guards in order to prevent demonstrations in the future.

Iranwire reported one of the most recent studies called “Active Preventive Strategies for the Political-Security Crisis”, which was published in the latest issue of the quarterly Defense Policy journal of Imam Hossein University. The journal is affiliated to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The study looked at the views of security and political elites affiliated with both reformist and fundamentalist factions in the Islamic Republic. Both groups mentioned "inefficiency" as one of the most important crises in the country that might trigger widespread demonstrations.

Unemployment, ineffective problem-solving, decreasing public hope, high government rents, sanctions, disputes and corruption were also mentioned as causes of public dissatisfactions.