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Why is Gallup lying about Iran?

Why is Gallup lying about Iran?
Mourning victims of Ukrainian airliners downed by IRGC, Iranian protesters in Tehran chant death to liar. Photo: Bloomberg/via Getty Images
posted onOctober 23, 2021

Gallup's recent report claims that its Iran surveys show 72% of Iranians approve of what Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi is doing compared to up from 32% approval for former President Rouhani in 2020, and that 59% of Iranians have confidence in their national government.

According to Iranian government data which is for sure exaggerated, 48% of Iranians participated in the elections, 60% of whom voted for Raisi. Gallup's report clearly shows that official independent international institutions are untrustworthy as they can be paid to publish false reports.

Gallup has to explain how it obtained the survey data that its report has been written upon, and to provide evidence for the lies it has published, under the name of poll results. Most Iranians boycotted the presidential election and have no confidence in Ebrahim Raisi's government.

What purpose does this poll serve other than to justify compromise and tolerance with the Islamic Republic of Iran? Biden's administration possibly wants to engage with the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism, a regime that easily kills its own citizens, based on such fabricated reports.