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Petition for regime change in Iran

Petition for regime change in Iran
Please sign this petition asking the U.S. President to support regime change in Iran and refuse dialog with the pro-terrorism government.
posted onJune 19, 2018


Yes to regime change in Iran

No to dialog with a pro-terrorism government


President Trump’s administration has taken a sound policy towards the destabilizing policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the world.

Wise increase in the pressure on the Islamic Republic can give the opportunity to tens of millions of anti-regime citizens of Iran to actively seek freedom, democracy, and socio-economic welfare. Now, as the Islamic Republic has weakened, no time-wasting should be allowed. During the past 39 years, Islamic Republic has proved unable to reform, continues to support terrorism and oppress the Iranian people.

In addition to expressing their gratitude for President Trump’s Iran policy, the signatories of this petition request your support for the Iranian citizens in changing the regime in Iran and rejection of any dialogue with the Islamic Republic.


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