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Iran’s drone capacity threats Israel, says lawmaker in Tehran

Iran’s drone capacity threats Israel, says lawmaker in Tehran
posted onMay 4, 2022

An Iranian lawmaker said Israel is afraid of Iran’s drone capacity, which is developing despite US sanctions, Mehr News Agency reported.

Fada Hossein-Maleki, Member of the Iranian Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, told Iranian media that Israel feels threatened by Iran's drone power.

He has reportedly claimed that Jerusalem failed to represent Iranian drone program as a threat to the whole region.

"Recently, after seeing two unidentified drones in the sky, the Israelis mobilized all their forces to find out which country these drones belonged to. Their vulnerabilities are so high that they feel threatened by Iran's drone power and seek to show that Iran's drone capability is a threat to the region, but they will not succeed," Maleki said according to the news agency.

He also said that the recent US action in banning Iran's drone power is trying to deflect the public opinion.

"It seems that the recent US move to sanction Iran's drone power is partly due to the issue of Israel and the developments in Ukraine, and that way they want to deflect public opinion," the lawmaker said.

Maleki added that Iran’s drone power is considered a redline.

"During our visit to Moscow, we also informed Kremlin officials that Iran's defense power was non-negotiable and that the Islamic Republic stands firm on its principled position to ensure Iran's security and national interests,” he said.