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Iranian-Kurdish oppositions: numbers of people join us increased

حیزبە ڕۆژهەڵاتییەکان: ڕێژەى هاتنى لاوان بۆ نێو ڕیزەکانمان زۆر زیادى کردووە
Anti-Iran Kurdish opposition parties said the amount of their parties’ recruitment are notably increased in 2018 as Tehran is facing historic crisis especially since the US left nuclear deal.
posted onJuly 28, 2018

“The number of people who joint our party is doubled comparing to past years. They are more people joining the party this year,” Kaveh Bahrami, the Peshmerga commander in Kurdish democratic opposition party based in Iraqi Kurdistan talked to Avatoday. 

Abdullah Azarbar, a member of the central committee in Kamala party has also explained that their new members increased this year. 

“Despite the fact that we have stricken the membership rules, we are witnessing an increase in the number of the Peshmerga who have joined us,” he said. 

Both Komala and Democratic parties are the two main political Kurdish opposition parties based in Iraqi Kurdistan since the Islamic Revolution took power in Iran. 

Several other Iranian Kurdish political parties have also witnessed such increase in their members. 

Khalil Naderi from PAK, another Kurdish opposition party, told Avatoday that they have also more members this year comparing to the past years. 

“The numbers of girls and boys joining our party has raised. We have been training them throughout the year,” Naderi told Avatoday. 

Kava Golmohamadi from Communist party was also agreed that a growing numbers of Peshmerga forces were trained by his party in 2018. 

He explained that economic, social and political crisis in Iran encourage youths to leave the country and join the Kurdish parties. 

“Youths in Rojhalat (Iranian Kurdistan) has more knowledge on the Kurdish parties and their activities comparing to the past. That might also be a reason that they join the parties more than before,” he added.