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Iraqis protest against pro-Iranian Shiite militants over corruption

Iraqis protest against pro-Iranian Shiite militants over corruption
Najaf, Iraq- Angry protesters burned down pro-Iranian Hashd al-Shaabi’s headquarter in Iraq’s city of Najaf on Saturday while the airport was canceled all the flights due to the violent demonstration, sources talked to Avatoday.
posted onJuly 14, 2018


According to the information received by Avatoday, all the flights from Iran’s Mahan Air, which is believed to carry weapons from Tehran to Syria’s Damascus, have also been canceled due to the anti-corruption public strikes.

Iraqi Prominent Shiite leader, Moqtada Sader, supported the protest, said “revolution of the poor will succeed.”  The Iraqi figure has been studying and lived in Tehran when he was younger. His spokesman blamed Iran and their interference for Iraq’s contemporary crisis, poverty and financial corruption.

Public protests were also spread to several other cities on Saturday including Baghdad, Babol, Hele, Amareh and Basreh, where people has closed the border roads with Kuwait. Internet networks were also shut down in middle and south of Iraq today.

Iraqi president, Haider al- Abadi, whose official term is over, has arrived in Najaf today before finishing his European tour as the country is on high alert.

Most of the Iraqi Shiite leaders including Fatawi and Ayatollah Ali Sistani are also supporting the protesters, aiming at preventing pro-Iranian Hashd al-Shaabi and Nouri al-Maleki from following the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Sistani’s office vowed Baghdad on Saturday to quickly respond to the people’s demands.

Iraqi is suffering from a deep financial corruption and state failure. The angry voices in Iraq are blaming Iran as much as Iraqi state for the country’s failures.

Iran is believed to spent billions of dollars in Iraq to influence the country’s political system. Iranian local media claimed the Saturday protests in Iraq were only due to the shortage of clean water and electricity.