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Young prisoner dies after being flogged in Iran

Young prisoner dies after being flogged in Iran
posted onSeptember 4, 2021

A young Iranian man, identified as Hadi Atazadeh, was killed after being flogged in the prison of Ahar city, in Iran’s East Azerbaijan province.

The news of Atazadeh's death due to flogging started circulating on social media on Wednesday, along with photos showing lash marks on his alleged body. Several news agencies and rights groups, including Iran Human Rights Monitor (HRM), have confirmed the incident.

According to Iran HRM, Atazadeh died just a few hours after being flogged in Ahar prison, a punishment he was subjected to for alcohol consumption, the rights group claims.

The Chief Justice of Iran’s East Azerbaijan province, Mousa Khalilollahi, on Wednesday confirmed the death of a detainee from Ahar prison, and claimed “This prisoner went to the infirmary with abdominal pain, and was immediately transferred to hospital, but unfortunately died a day later despite efforts made to save him”.

“According to initial investigations, the cause of his death is most likely drug poisoning,” Khalilollahi added, with no mention on how the prisoner came to be in possession of any medicines.

Khalilollahi has denied the mentioned prisoner died due to flogging, claiming no signs of beatings or injuries were seen on his body based on forensic examination. Hadi’s family have however released videos showing lash marks and bruises on his back.