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Iran shuts down banks, govt offices due to Covid-19 crisis

Iran shuts down banks, govt offices due to Covid19 crisis
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posted onJuly 20, 2021

Islamic Republic of Iran on Monday announced strict rules and closures in the capital Tehran and a nearby province to control the spread of Covid-19, as daily infections drew close to an all-time high. 

Iranian officials had earlier warned of a "fifth wave" because of an outbreak of the highly contagious Delta variant. Iran is considered the Middle East's hardest-hit country by the virus.

The national virus taskforce said in a statement that government offices and banks in Tehran and Alborz provinces are set to close from 6 pm (1330 GMT) until next Monday morning.

The restrictions also include a ban on car travel to and from the two provinces, and a new shutdown of high-risk businesses across Iran's worst-hit areas.