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European powers warns against Iran's nuke development

European powers warns against Iran's nuke development
posted onDecember 8, 2020

France, Germany and Britain expressed their serious concern on Monday over an Iranian announcement that said the country intended to install additional, advanced uranium-enriching centrifuges, Reuters reported.

Iran’s move, according to the report, could be considered as a part of efforts to expand its nuclear programme.

“If Iran is serious about preserving a space for diplomacy, it must not implement these steps,” the three powers announced.

 France, Germany and Britain along with China and Russia are party to a 2015 nuclear containment deal with Tehran, known as the JCPoA.

 Reuters has reportedly obtained a confidential International Atomic Energy Agency report that said Iran plans to install three more cascades, or clusters, of advanced IR-2m centrifuges in its enrichment plant at Natanz.