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The Iranian Regime Mafias of Wealth

The Iranian Regime Mafias of Wealth
posted onJune 8, 2018


The Iranian regime is being devoured by the twin monsters of poverty and starvation, the reality of the depth of the economic crisis that has afflicted the majority of the Iranian population. While the population lives in extreme poverty, the Iranian Regime mafias of wealth own most of the industry.

Based on the regime’s economists, officials and media statistical data, the extent and depth of the poverty, unemployment, the gap between the rich and poor and its resulting social ills such as slum dwelling, homelessness, the selling of babies and body organs, prostitution, starvation etc. are really shocking and frightful.

Pointing to the spread of absolute poverty in the country, regime economist Hossein Raghfar says “according to our studies over the past few years, 33 percent of the country’s population is afflicted with absolute poverty, while another six percent, nearly five million, is close to starvation.”

The situation we are facing in Iran is a phenomenon called giants and Mafias of wealth, those who have taken all the wealth exclusively for themselves.


Ali Ansari’s Mafia

Ali Ansari

ali ansari, one of the Iranian Regime mafias


Ali Ansari is a multi-millionaire known as Ali Ansari’s Mafia. He owns the largest commercial complex in the Middle East in Iran.

Here are a few of the companies that he owns or has a controlling interest in:

Owner of the largest Middle Eastern furniture market;

Board member and sponsor of the Esteghlal Club in the past few years;

Chairman of the Confederation of Furniture and Decoration;

President of the National Furniture Board;

Chairman of the Federation of Bicycling,

Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Iran’s Industries and Mines and Agriculture,

International furniture and decoration,

Owner of Iran’s mobile markets,

Founder of TAT Bank,

CEO of TAT Investment Group.


How Has He Achieved Such a Fortune?


What is the relationship between commerce, the steel industry, the furniture industry, the mobile market, sports, and the development of modern distribution centers?


Iran Mall, the World’s Largest Store


At the end of Hemmat Highway in Tehran, a huge building is under construction, which many consider will be the largest central store in the world. It is reported that 3 days will be needed to visit all the stores in this Mall.

Intelligence reports indicate that Ali Ansari has obtained his wealth with the help of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s intermeddling.

He is closely associated with the Iranian authorities such as Ayatollah Shahrodi, Mohammad Jawad, and Mohammad Bagher Larijani.

According to this information, Ali Ansari has spent huge sums of, money, including much paid in bribes.

It is worth noting that the same person has paid a lot of money to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to carry out terrorist operations in the region.

It’s illuminating to know that Ali Ansari got his bachelor’s degree with bribes and cannot read even a line in English.


Iranian Regime Mafias of Wealth, Poverty For Others


Poverty in Iran has spun out of control while we see the enormous sums provided to people, whose status is well known, such as the cross-section named below.


Iran Tourism Giant: Hossein Sabet

Hossein Sabet

Hossein Sabet


He owns the largest hotels in Iran, especially on the island of Kish in the south of Iran.


Iran Steel Giant: Mohammed Jaberian

Mohammed Jaberian

Mohammed Janberian


He owns the largest share of the steel industry in Iran. He is the managing director of the Arian Sahand Steel Complex and owns 100% stake in the Khorramshahr Steel Company.


Iran Export Giant: Asadullah Asghar Oladi

Assadolah Asgar Oladi

Assadolah Asgar Oladi


He is a well-known member of the Iranian business community (his brother was Minister of Commerce for many years) and he currently holds the Presidency of several international Chambers of Commerce including the Iran-China, Iran-Australia, Iran-Russia and Iran-Canada Chambers of Commerce.


Iran Technology Giant: Haji Karim Aladdin


He is known as the Emperor of the smartphone market in Iran.


Iran Multi faceted Giant: Hossein Hedayati

Hossein Hedayati

Hossein Hedayati


He owns the Steel Azin Industries, the steel mill, and sheet and is also the owner of the largest shrimp company in Iran. As well as this, he owns a tower construction company and a large amount of agricultural land, as well as being a major shareholder of the Iranian furniture market, the head of commercial companies in Iran and the Middle East, and several other business activities.