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Mine explosion hits Malta's oil tanker

mine explosion hits Malta's oil tanker
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posted onNovember 27, 2020

A Malta oil tanker carrying a Malta flag en route from Rotterdam to a Saudi port was hit by a mine explosion in the Red Sea.

The mine opened a hole about a meter above sea level, which raises more suspicion of a leech cargo attached to the ship's hull than a naval mine. Most of the bruises from leech mines caused similar damages. 

Iran has dominated the Red Sea, for several years, a ship named SAVIZ with fast ships of the IRGC naval commando engaged in intelligence gathering and aid missions to the Houthis in Yemen.

When we say accident, we mean a random encounter with marine mines that are still roaming the Red Sea. In this case, there is a reasonable suspicion that an initiated action was taken by attaching a Limpet Mine.