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Victims of coronavirus continue to rise in Iran 

Victims of coronavirus continue to rise in Iran 
posted onMarch 20, 2020

According to classified information received by Avatoday on Friday some 223 people died in 24 hours from coronavirus throughout Iran. 

“The numbers of victims and infection cases are on raise,” an informed source told Avatoday. “3102 people have tested positive with the Coronavirus while 3121 people are suspected of carrying out the virus.” 

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said this week that the country has passed the peak of the crisis. Some medical sources and members of parliament rejected his claim and said Iran is yet to face the highest level of this pandemic.

Some 254,701 cases of coronavirus have been officially reported across the World and 10, 447 out of these number died. 

The Iranian government is highly criticized by people for its incompetence in responding to the Coronavirus outbreak. Volunteer teams across the country are formed, providing free masks and gloves to people.