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Sonia Sharifi, the daughter of the Kurdistan fighter, was banned

 سونیا شریفی، دختر مبارز کردستانی، ممنوع الفعالیت شد
سونیا شریفی به نماد مبارزه و مقاومت در کردستان بدل شده است
posted onFebruary 28, 2024

Sonia Sharifi, who after Jina Amini, is the second prominent figure of the Woman, Life, Freedom movement, was summoned by the "Abdanan Prosecutor's Office" and they took a written commitment from her not to be active in social networks.

On Monday, February 26, Sonia Sharifi was summoned by the General and Revolution Court of Abdanan and was threatened by Yaser Khalafi, the city prosecutor, that if she continued her activities on social networks, she would be dealt with most severely.

After these threats, Sonia Sharifi was forced to sign an undertaking not to be active in social networks and then was released.

Based on the statements of civil activists of Abdanan city, the prosecutor of this city has started a new wave of summons and interrogation of civil activists and well-known Kurdish figures as election day in Iran approaches.

Elections of the Islamic Council of Iran are scheduled to be held on Friday, February 30. After the killing of people in the Women, Life, Freedom movement, all the political factions opposed to the Islamic government of Iran, especially the Kurds, have boycotted these elections and asked people not to go to the polls.

Sonia Sharifi, the daughter of the Kurdistan fighter, was banned
Sonia Sharifi, amid the joy of the people

It is worth mentioning that Sonia Sharifi, a 17-year-old student from Abdanan, was severely tortured by the security forces in August 2023, following a summons to the Abdanan Intelligence Department, and then she was left injured in a place.

Sonia Sharifi was arrested on November 19, 2022, in connection with the Women, Life, Freedom movement and was accused of waging war against God in court.

On December 15, she was released from the Ilam Correctional Center on bail and was warmly welcomed by the citizens.

Earlier, Sonia Sharifi, at the same time as the first anniversary of her release from the prison of the Islamic Republic, published a photo of herself in Kurdish clothes and wrote: "A year has passed and I returned home exactly one year ago on this day amid the joy of the people, people who I cannot  repay their love and unreserved support.

This is the power of people's unity, which brings everything to its knees in this world. The city is beautiful with unity and this unity will make its people more beautiful.