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The Islamic Regime in Iran systematically kills opposition figures

Islamic regime has been systematically
posted onOctober 6, 2020

From killing thousands of citizens over the span of a few nights to assassinating their perceived rivals abroad, the authoritarian Islamic regime has been systematically killing those in opposition to their beliefs.

The story of Zam isn’t a new one for Iranians. Zam was the son of an Islamic regime official who brazenly opposed the regime and sided with the people during the 2009 uprising. 

Zam was subsequently imprisoned and tortured for months thereafter. 

He managed to flee the country and established a life in Paris, France with his wife and two daughters. Since that time, Zam has taken steps in galvanizing Iranians to band together and progress toward a new satate that does not impose harsh, authoritarian measures on its people.

Zam was fortunate to have connections to several high-ranking people who shared his vision of such a regime-- through these connections, he succeeded in informing the public on the civil injustices committed to the people by the government; it is approximated that he reported 703 cases which exposed the Islamic regime. 

Of these reports, some of the most notable include:

-Revealing the connection between Soliemany and Russians

-Revealing Zahra Larijani, daughter of the head of the Justice department, is actually a spy of the UK.

-Revealing many of the Islamic regime have dual citizenship from Canada or other western countries. 

-Revealing the Head of Justice department had 63 personal bank accounts.

The Islamic regime dismisses freedom of speech and does not tolerate such exposure of clandestine injustices by its people. Thus, the government devised a new scheme to capture Zam; ultimately, they captured him through a clandestine operation involving an Iranian spy, whose role was to gain Zam’s confidence and convince him to meet with  Ayatollah Sayyid Ali al-Husayni al-Sistani (one of the most influential Shia marja' of Iranian origins residing in Iraq). 

Ayatollah Sistani’s stance and goals are not aligned with that of Islamic Republic supreme leader agenda in the region. Therefore, Zam obliged to meet Ayatollah, under the impression that they could discuss strategies in fighting the current draconian-style Islamic regime. 

However, this was all a ruse-- a trap set in place by the Iranian government to kidnap Zam from Iraq and bring him to Iran, where he could be detained and arrested. 

Islamic regime officials are falsely claiming this was a highly top-secret intelligence operation that serendipitously resulted in capturing him; in reality, this was a dastardly, unjustified form of kidnapping.

Their actions demonstrate a lack of adherence to the laws they set in place, for they kidnapped Zam without the approval and presence of the Interpol. 

Almost a year has passed since Zam’s kidnapping, and he has been imprisoned and tortured.

On several occasions, Zam was interrogated and broadcasted on national TV. There was evidence of needle injection sites on his arm, suggesting that he had been tortured with drugs and he was not himself during the interrogation. 

Although Zam was tortured and was ostensibly under the influence of inhibitory drugs, the interrogations did not proceed as the government had hoped. Zam propagated evidence-based arguments throughout these interrogations; thus, the government opted to halt these broadcasted interrogations as they were not serving to vilify the regime. 

While such behaviors are largely loathed in the country, the Islamic regime and the supreme leader do not seem to care. Their highest priority is to scare people from talking in a forthright manner that opposes them.

Following Zam’s arrest, the people expected to see an increase in the number of arrests resulting from the information of names of people working with Zam. 

However, this was not the case, which indicates that Zam was highly resilient and did not let his fellow friends down, even under unimaginable torture. For this, we regard him with the utmost respect. 

During Zam’s trial, Zam didn’t have full access to the documents delineating the crimes he was being accused of and his assigned lawyer was from the government (practically working with the prosecutors rather than defending Zam). 

Zam has been sentenced to death. He is accused of committing 17 crimes. His death sentence was instated many months ago; the higher courts refused his appeal and it is confirmed that islamic regime is planning to kill him.

We are asking free people to remember Zam and know that Iran, even though invaded by Mullahs, is fighting them. We are fighting against this terrorist regime-- they are truly ISIS in power and have been killing and torturing us Iranians for more than four decades. They (the regime) have ruled by instilling fear and ruthlessly killing/torturing all those who stand in their way. 

We, the people of Iran, hope that the leaders of the free world will consider the fact that meeting with Islamic regime officials alludes to them accepting those totalitarian, authoritarian regime and their heinous acts. 

In what other country do you see a reporter being kidnapped in another country, and then tortured, forced to confess in front of national TV, placed under an unfair trial, and finally sentenced to death? 

This is the “freedom” that the Islamic regime offers. Freedom in Iran for the people does not exist, and thus we are fighting to make it a reality.