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WSJ: US to impose more sanctions on Iran

WSJ: US to impose more sanctions on Iran
posted onJuly 31, 2021

The Biden administration is planning a sanctions campaign against Irans growing drone and missile program, according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Officials are concerned that the program, which is administered exclusively by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), represents a more immediate danger to US allies and Middle East stability than Irans nuclear enrichment and ballistic missile programs.

Irans missile program has already been sanctioned, but the new measures will cast a wider net by targeting its procurement networks, such as part-providers, the report said.

Its part of a comprehensive approach so were dealing with all aspects of the Iranian threat, a senior US official told the Wall Street Journal.

Iranian drones have been repeatedly used against US forces and allies in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. The move is believed to address this issue.

Irans drones are becoming an increasing threat to our allies in the region, said another US official.

The countrys growing domestic arms and drone manufacturing base has been supplying its proxies, and the new sanctions will aim to disrupt elements of the industry that rely on illicit imports from abroad, according to WSJ.