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Iranian admits killing protesters during fuel price crisis

Iranian admits killing protesters during fuel price crisis
posted onDecember 3, 2019

Iranian state TV acknowledged on Tuesday for the first time that security forces killed what it described as “rioters” in several cities during nation-wide protests over fuel price hikes last month.

The unexpected acknowledgement came as a part of a television package slamming Persian-specking channels outside of Iran.

As the number of victims are rising, Amnesty International confirmed the death of 208 protesters, but the organization is expecting more cases to be registered.

Iran brutally crushed thousands of protesters, mostly youths, who have been protesting against poverty and economic difficulties including a fuel price hike.

There have been no official report of the death tolls and arrests as the Iranian government covered the deadly crackdown.

The country’s authorities blamed US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia for sparking the protests without providing any evidences for their claims.