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Iranian prisoners strike over official’s misbehavior  

posted onOctober 23, 2019

Several detainees went on strike this week, protesting over prison officials’ misbehavior and constant pressures from Iranian Intelligence Agency known as Etelaat on their family.

Spideh Gholian, a social activist from Iran’s southwestern city of Shush, went on a strike on Sunday in protest of pressure from Etelaat on her family as well as prison officials’ inappropriate behaviors.

Samaneh Gholian and Mehdi Gholian, sister and brother of the detainee, were arrested by Etelaat forces and later freed on bail.

The social activist was arrested in November 2018 after she took part in 21-day-long protest of workers in Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Factory.

Eqbal Zarei, a political activist detained in Saqez Prison went on strike this week, protesting Iranian Intelligence Agency (Etelaat) interference in his case.