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Iranian truck drivers seek government response after 12 days of strike

Iranian truck drivers seek government response after 12 days of strike
posted onOctober 3, 2018

The strike by Iranian truck drivers, over low wages and high cost of spare parts, continues on Wednesday and drivers calling upon the government to resolve their problems.

Many of the representatives of the strikers were arrested by the government in the past two weeks, in an attempt to force the rest of the drivers to take back into the road without resolving the problems. 

“We are not affiliated to any political party or have no political aim. Our demand is clear. We want our rights and our shares in this business,” one of the driver said in a video received by Avatoday on Wednesday.

“We hear every now and then that we are against the regime, or that we want a regime change. It is not true. This is none of our business,” a driver denied any political aim to be behind their protest.

“We can’t buy the expensive spare parts anymore, or it is dangerous both for car drivers and ourselves to be on the road while we have old and non-functional parts in our trucks,” another driver said in a separate video sent to Avatoday.

“That is as simple and clear as it is. The government should understand this,” he added, explaining the aim of the strike.

Hundreds of gas stations and many factories throughout the country are closed as gas and materials for production have no longer been transported by the truckers.