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Iran arrests Kurdish activist calling for Khamenei’s resign

Iran arrests Kurdish activist calling for Khamenei’s resign
posted onAugust 9, 2019

Iranian Intelligence agency known as Etelaat on Friday arrested Sirus Abbasi, a Kurdish activist from the city of Dehgolan who asked Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to resign in a video published in his Instagram account, said his wife.

“After my husband published a video on his Instagram protesting the current situation of the people and asked the leader to resign, security forces have raided our house several times and have been trying to arrest my husband but they didn’t have judicial order,” his wife Farideh Veisi announced on her Instagram.

“Security forces finally brought a judicial order today and arrested Sirus at 11:00 AM,” she added.

Abbasi, published a video on Tuesday, in which he says, “after 40 years of Islamic Republic’s rule over Iran, the only thing that must end is the fear from fragile power of regime.”

He blamed Islamic republic’s officials for the severe financial, social and political crisis in Iran and asked Khamenei to resign.

Earlier, 28 activists- most of them are jailed-called Khamenei to step down from his growing power.