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Iran’s revenge bombardment against Kurds after fall in Basra

سقوط سپاه در بصرە و عملیات تلافی جویانە در کردستان عراق!
Iran’s use of its Zelzal 2 and Fajr artillery rocket inside the Iraqi Kurdistan is a direct threat to the US forces in the region.
posted onSeptember 8, 2018


Only a day after the fall of the Iraqi Shiite proxy forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the city of Basra and protesters’ attack on Tehran’s consulate in the city, the Iranian forces targeted the Kurdish Democratic opposition party in Iraqi Kurdistan in a revenge operation.


Confidential sources outside of Iraq told Avatoday that the Saturday’s rocket attacks were launched from the Iranian Revolutionary’s Zelzal 2 and Fajr artillery rockets launcher, only 15 km away from the party headquarter. It means that the Iranian launcher was inside the Iraqi Kurdistan.  


According to the sources, the pro-Iranian Shiite forces of Hashd al-Shaabi used their drones to help the Iranian forces receiving the geographic information right before the attack. The drones were flying from Kirkuk to the city of Koya, where the Kurdish party headquarter is located.


Reuters has previously published reports on the presence of Iranian military rocket bases inside Iraq including Iraqi Kurdistan.


As a result of the Iranian’s rocket attacks on Saturday, 16 members of the Kurdish Democratic party including 6 members of leadership committee, Soheila Qaderi, Hashem Azizi, Rahman Piroti, Nasrin Hadad,Karim Mahdawi and Ebrahim Zevei lost their life. At least 39 others including the current leader, Mostafa Mavloudi and former leader, Khaled Azizi are among the injuries.


Moments after the first attacks, the Iranian forces targeted the training camp of the Kurdish democratic party of Iran, killed two people and wounded 3 others.


Iran’s rockets attacks could not be carried out without the consensus of one Iraqi Kurdish political parties in the region.


Hours after the attack the Iranian’s Kurdish ally, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), released a statement and declared that they had not pre-awareness on today’s attacks against Kurdish Iranian. Confidential sources however told Avatoday that three Iranian military rocket tracks moved from Kirkuk to Koya and such a movement couldn’t occur without the agreement of at least a part of PUK.


Iran’s us of its Zelzal 2 and Fajr artillery rocket launchers inside the Iraqi Kurdistan is a direct threat to the US forces in the region. The American experts are reportedly investigating the case of Iran’s rocket attacks against the Iranian Kurds inside the Iraqi Kurdistan.


 three Kurdish political prisoners

Three Kurdish political prisoners from left Luqman Moradi, Ramin Hussein Panahi and Zaniar Moradi 


Iran has also executed three Kurdish political prisoners, Ramin Hussein Panahi, Luqman Moradi, and Zaniar Moradi early Saturday morning. Iranian’s terror operation, it heavy bombardments of Iranian Kurdish oppositions in the last 48 hours and its executions of Iranian Kurds are aimed to further stimulate political unrest in Iranian Kurdistan.


The Islamic Republic of Iran, who is only a few steps away from falling, is trying so hard to save the regime using violence. Iranian people are wise enough to know that the common enemy is the Islamic Republic of Iran and even their use of violence and military power can’t save them anymore.