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Israel accuses defence minister’s housekeeper of spying for Iran

Israel accuses defence minister’s housekeeper of spying for Iran
posted onNovember 19, 2021

Israel has charged the housekeeper of the country’s defence minister with espionage as he allegedly offered spy for hackers linked to Islamic Republic of Iran .

The man, identified as Omri Goren, reportedly has a criminal record but worked at Benny Gantz’s home as a cleaner and caretaker,” the Guardian reported.

According to the report citing security service and the indictment, Goren saw reports in the Israeli media about a hacker group called “Black Shadow”. He looked up the group and used the Telegram app to contact one of its agents, presenting himself as someone who worked for Gantz. Goren demonstrated his access to the defence minister by sending photographs of various items in Gantz’s home, including his computer.

He apparently discussed infecting Gantz’s computer with malware but was arrested before any plans were carried out.

Israeli media criticized the security process and background checks of people who work for government officials.

Local reporters found out that Goren has been jailed four times, including for armed robbery and breaking into homes. According to the reports, he did not undergo a security review before working for Gantz.