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Evidence shows Iran shot down Ukrainian plane ‘intentionally’

Evidence shows Iran shot down Ukrainian plane ‘intentionally’
posted onApril 24, 2021

New evidence suggests that the shooting down of Ukrainian Flight 752 by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in January 2020 was a premeditated intentional act, reported the King Weekly Sentinel.

Iran has been insisting that the incident was an “error” without further elaboration.

IRGC shot down the Ukraine International Airlines flight with a ground-to-air missile just after the plane took off from Tehran. All 176 passengers died immediately.

The incident occurred in the tense hours as Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps were carrying out “revenge” attacks on American military bases in Iraq in response to the death of the regime’s top commander Qassem Soleimani a week earlier in US strikes in Baghdad.

Andre Milne with Unicorn Aerospace has been investigating the crash and his evidence is now being used by the Ukrainian Anti-Terrorist prosecutor to determine if there are grounds to take Iran to the World Court for Crimes Against Humanity for shooting down the plane.

Milne calls it a “premeditated” attack on civilian Flight PS752 after takeoff outside Tehran.

He explained that Iran shot down the civilian plane to subvert an inevitable US military counterstrike against Iran by the creation of a spontaneous “human shield” made up of dozens of foreign government officials who all started flying into Iran five hours after the initial IRGC short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) attack on US and Canadian forces in Iraq.

The IRGC simultaneously blacked out the broadcast frequencies of PS752’s Satellite GPS Navigation and Emergency Locator Transmitters and continued to jam until the IRGC was able to get to the crash site and physically disable the ELT that started broadcasting signals to the World’s Emergency Satellite Network the second the first missile struck PS752,” Milne said.

Milne has submitted his latest finding to the Ukrainian Minister of Justice.

As the IRGC have years of experience in coordination of Electronic Warfare Technology when jamming the GPS on ships in the Gulf as part of their organized piracy operations, it is disturbing yet not surprising the IRGC used GPS and Satellite jammers against PS752 during their coordination planning in attacking PS752,” Milne explained.