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Lebanese protesters chant ‘Iran, get out, Beirut is free’

Lebanese protesters chant ‘Iran gets out, Beirut is free’
posted onAugust 8, 2020

Protesters in front of the Lebanese Foreign Ministry building chanted Saturday “Iran, get out! Beirut is free, free!” during the anti-government demonstrations in the wake of the deadly Beirut explosion.

Thousands of protesters expressed their anger and disappointment at the authorities they blame for turning the capital into a disaster zone. They have also called Iran to leave Lebanon and not intervene.

The crowd on Saturday blamed Tehran for providing military and financial support to Hezbollah, a Shiite political and militia group based in Lebanon.  

A group of protestors led by retired Lebanese army officers stormed the foreign ministry building and put up banners that read “capital of the revolution” and “Beirut is a demilitarized city.”

They also burned a picture of Lebanese President Michel Aoun.