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EU official: Talks with Iran are coming to an end

 EU official: Talks with Iran are coming to an end
posted onJuly 15, 2022

A senior European Union (EU) official said on Friday that negotiations to bring Iran back into compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal are coming to an end, but it is not clear if they will result in an agreement between Tehran and world powers.

"We are very, very advanced in the negotiations. We have had a round of so-called proximity talks in Doha; they produced no results and the reason is very clear because we have negotiated everything that was on the table," the official said, according to Reuters.

"We can be more precise on some details that are still pending, we are waiting for some ideas from Tehran and what the Americans have to say...I don't know (if it is) the end of the process, but the end of the negotiation, yes," the official added.

An agreement was nearly reached before the talks stopped in March. US Special Envoy for Iran Rob Malley told lawmakers recently that the prospects for reaching a deal with Iran are “tenuous” at best.

France's Foreign Minister, Catherine Colonna, said this week there were only a few weeks left to revive the deal and it was up to Iran to decide whether to sign what had been negotiated.

"The window of opportunity will close in a few weeks. There will not be a better accord to the one which is on the table," she warned.