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Iranian man who sparked #MeToo sentenced to death in Iran

Iranian man who sparked #MeToo sentenced to death in Iran
posted onJuly 10, 2022

Iran imposed death sentence to a man convicted over serial rape, local media reported Saturday, in a case that sparked a #MeToo movement in the country.

Keyvan Emamverdi, a former bookshop owner who studied archaeology, was arrested in August 2020 after at least 20 women accused him of assault, mostly anonymously, using the #rape hashtag on Twitter.

Emamverdi was sentenced to death for “corruption on earth”, said Shima Ghousheh, a lawyer representing five of the plaintiffs.

Ghousheh however said that the court had not addressed the issue of compensation for the victims, adding that they would “certainly object” over this.

The victims said that Emamverdi had spiked their drinks before raping them.

Emamverdi’s arrest was a rare move in the Islamic republic, where sexual violence is considered a taboo subject.