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Mass Protests of workers continue in Iran

Mass Protests of workers continue in Iran
posted onJune 27, 2021

Iranian workers of the gas, oil and petrochemical sector continued to protest over delayed and low salaries on Sunday.

According to the videos received by Avatoday, workers of Jahrom combined cycle power plant and employees at Gamma Company in Hormozgan’s Bandar-e-Jask joined the protest on Sunday, while workers of Bushehr’s petrochemical site and labourers of Abadan’s refinery continued their protest.

These strikes have continued despite the dismissal of 700 workers of the Tehran Refinery last Tuesday. A video released online shows the workers with termination papers in their hands.

The workers are demanding an increase of their monthly wages to 12 million tomans (roughly £400), timely payment of their wages, and change of their shift cycle to 20 days work and 10 days leave in a month, instead of the current 24 days on and 6 days off cycle.

According to the organization for contract workers, some of their demands include maintaining health and safety standards at workplaces, better sanitary conditions in the dormitories and washrooms, an end to the militarization of the workplace, and recognizing their rights to rally and protest.

The Industrial Global Union, which represents more than 50 million workers in various industries around the world, has released a statement in support of the contract workers' strikes in Iran.