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Report says Iranian hackers broke into H&M Israel

Report says Iranian hackers broke into H&M Israel
posted onMay 3, 2021

Iranian hackers reportedly broke into the computer system of clothing retailer H&M Israel and are threatening to release customer data, i24NEWS reported on Sunday.

According to the report, the group identified as "N3tw0rm" and they have warned that it could release 110 gigabytes of data belonging to H&M Israel unless its demands are met.

The demands of the hackers have not been publicly specified.

In December, an Iranian hacker group named Pay2Key claimed it breached the computer network of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

In the same month, Iranian hackers claimed to have carried out a cyberattack against Israel Aerospace Industries, an Israeli state-owned aircraft manufacturer.

Iranian hackers have targeted several other Israeli targets in the past.