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Morality police murder young woman in Iran

Morality police murder young woman in Iran
posted onSeptember 16, 2022

A young Kurdish woman from Saqqez died in a hospital in Tehran on Friday after a brutal attack from morality police sent her to coma on Tuesday evening.

The 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, also known as Zhina, was walking alongside her brother in a street in the Iranian capital when morality police arrested her. She was accused of violating the Islamic state’s rules on restricting women’s clothing.

 She was in Tehran with her family visiting relatives.

The hijab, a head-covering worn by Muslim women, became mandatory after Iran’s revolution in 1979. Yet, over the decades since, women have pushed the limits of the stipulated dress code.

Amini’s family told several human rights news agencies that the behaviour of the Islamic agents was brutal. Amini was beaten by the police to her death, according to her close relatives.

Her uncle said on Thursday that his niece’s heart was not functioning properly and her kidneys had failed as she was brought to the hospital, adding that her doctors told the family that they cannot do anything for her.

In the past, videos of morality police attacking women went viral on social media.

Recently government and security agencies have intensified their efforts to pressure women into abiding by the hijab laws and several rounds of anti-hijab civil disobedience campaigns have followed.