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An Italian newspaper called Maysoon Majidi's continued imprisonment unjust and illegal

An Italian newspaper called Mason Majidi's continued imprisonment unjust and illegal
An image of Maysoon Majidi
posted onMay 30, 2024

In a report, the Italian newspaper "Unita" has discussed the situation of Maysoon Majidi, a Kurdish human rights activist, imprisoned in Castrovillari prison in Italy. This report called the continued imprisonment of this human rights activist due to the exhaustion of the Italian judicial system.

This report says: "Maysoon Majidi, 28 years old, is a young intellectual and activist in Iran's women's field, who fled from Iran due to the pressure of the Ayatollah's regime and the threats that targeted her life.

She came to us because of our slogans, which we have promised to cooperate and support human rights and women's rights activists.

Maysoon Majidi first sought refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan, then reached Italy via Turkey. Upon entering Italy, she was arrested by the police on charges of human trafficking and has been in prison for more than five months.

In its report, "Unita" quotes Maysoon Majidi's lawyer as saying: "Another female refugee who was with Maysoon signs a report written in Arabic, even though she does not know Arabic at all. Mrs. Majidi's lawyer makes a video call with this lady during the court session and her testimony is recorded in the court.

This woman testified in the court that Mason Majidi is not a smuggler and the paper she signed was written in Arabic, therefore she is unaware of its contents and only signed it due to the fear of being deported or imprisoned.

In this report, it is emphasized that Maysoon Majidi should be released and "the continuation of this detention is unjust and illegal and only shows the exhaustion of the Italian judicial system".