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A jailed activist died of hunger strike in Iran

A jailed activist died of hunger strike in Iran
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posted onDecember 13, 2018

Vahid Sayadi Nasiri, an Iranian activist who was detained for his social media posts against the Supreme Leader, has died in prison after 60 days of hunger strike, BBC English reported on Thursday.

The political activist had been accused of insulting Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Nasiri was released last march after serving more than two years in prison, but was detained again by the security forces five month ago.

He was on his 60th days of hunger strike at the time of his death. He demanded the prison authorities to transfer him from a high-security unit in Qom prison to a different location.

Human rights Monitor previously reported that Nasiri was sentenced to eight years in prison first time in 2015 for “insulting the supreme leader” and “propaganda against the regime.”

His charge was related to several Facebook posts on Khamenei. He later forced to pardon and released after two and a half years in prison. He later arrested by security forces month after his release.

Nasiri was complaining against his harsh prison condition and his luck of access to a lawyer.