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Five MP confirm Kurdish forces’ handover of political prisoner executed in Iran

 Five MP confirm Kurdish forces’ handover of political prisoner executed in Iran
posted onApril 24, 2020

A letter received by Avatoday on Friday showed five Kurdish law makers in Iraqi Kurdistan confirmed the role of the region’s security forces in deporting a political prisoner to Iran, who was executed two weeks ago.

Mustafa Salimi, an Iranian Kurdish political activist, was executed in Saqez on April 11 after he was arrested and handed over to Tehran by security forces of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

PUK officials have previously denied any involvement.

The document shows that the five Kurdish parliament members submitted their detailed investigation to the higher authorities for further actions.

The political prisoner, who was arrested and sentenced to death in 2003, managed to escape Iranian prison at the city of Saqez last month during a prison unrest, which occurred as fear of coronavirus outbreak raised among inmates.

He had escaped the country and sheltered in neighboring Iraqi Kurdistan.

PUK is one of the leading parties in Iraqi Kurdistan Region. The party is highly criticized for its close ties with Iran.

“Mustafa managed to escape Saqez Prison and reached the Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s border city of Penjwen’s Garmakk Village,” Salimi’s family member, who asked to remain anonymous, told Avatoday at that time.

“Unfortunately, Mustafa was arrested three days ago by PUK security forces and then handed over to Iran,” the source added.

PUK has been accused of deporting dozens of Iranian Kurdish activists to Iran in the past.