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Iranian activists call for Supreme Leader’s resignation 

Iranian activists call for Supreme Leader’s resignation 
posted onJune 12, 2019

A group of fourteen activists based in Iran has signed an open letter to the Islamic Repuplic Supreme Leader, Seyed Ali Khamenei, asking him to resign. 

The advocates, who among them are political, human rights and civil activists, have expressed their serious concern about the growing power of Khamenei and suggested some constitutional changes.

“For years, social and cultural luminaries and civil society activists have given heart-wrenching accounts of the need for structural and fundamental changes to the social, political, cultural and economic order of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” read the letter.

The activists have especially focused on the role of the Supreme Leader and criticized the current structure of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“The woeful history of the past 40 years demonstrates that our leaders feel no accountability to the Iranian people. Iran’s rulers insist upon their deviant and irredeemable ways and on perpetuating a cult of personality around the supreme leader,” the activists wrote.

“The alteration and expansion of Article 110 of the Iranian constitution, governing the scope of powers of the Supreme Leader, Especially Articles 112-113 and 176-177 is a testament to these charges,” the letter added.

The letter ensured Iranian authorities that their demand is not backed or related by any anti-regime movements.

“We, the undersigned, do not aspire to any specific cause or agenda and we present this movement to the Iranian people so that they may all, with an iron will, arise for our legitimate rights and free ourselves from systematic oppression and unaccountability,” they concluded.