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Protesters marching in Iran over currency collapse

Protesters marching in Iran over currency collapse
A public protest against financial crisis which started on Sunday in Iran’s capital of Tehran is now escalating to other cities and towns all over the country, Avatoday’s correspondents reported on Tuesday.  
posted onJune 27, 2018


According to some footages received by Avatoday, Kermanshah, Shiraz and Tabriz went on strike on Tuesday and shut down their main Bazar in protest of the Islamic regime’s corruption and severe financial crisis.

“What am I supposed to do? If I open my shop there is no costumer,” a shop owner in Tehran told Avatoday. “even If I sell, I won’t benefit, because the prices increase minute after minute.”

After two days of peaceful protest, on Tuesday there has been a report of tension in Tehran’s neighborhood of Melat between the protesters and anti-riot police who were trying to stop the demonstration from further escalation. 

Talking to Avatoday on condition of anonymity an eyewitness explained that “when the protesters shut down their shops and began to gather in the streets, anti-riot police used tear gas against the crowd and arrested two protesters.”

Videos published on social media show anti-riot bike riders march among protesters and hit them with electric baton in Lalezar district of Tehran.

After three days of protests, slogans are getting radical from blaming the government for high inflation to criticizing the regime for its foreign and regional policies.  The demonstrators were chanting on Tuesday “leave Syria behind and take care of us.”

Protesters who have talked to Avatoday’s reporters said their demand from Iranian authorities is to stop spending millions of Dollars in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq in support of Shia militia groups while its own people are scrambling inside.

 In Iranian Kurdish dominated city of Kermanshah, shop owners closed their stores and marched in the city’s historic Bazar shouting “death to dictator.”

Shouting “close it, close it”, protesters in the southern province of Shiraz marched through the streets and asked other shop owners to join the strike.

Iranian currency hit its record low against US Dollar on Sunday. According to unofficial reports the US Dollar rates in exchange offices reached 11,000 Tomans on Monday.

Several protests against corruption among Iranian authorities have been reported since the beginning of 2018.

More than 100 cities and towns across Iran gathered in the streets in a one-week-protest against corruption and severe financial crisis on January.

Kurdish border towns have also shut down their shops and protested against the closing borders between Iranian Kurdistan and Iraqi Kurdistan region. Shop owners of the Kurdish city of Baneh closed their stores for three weeks, while tens of protesters have been arrested.

Truck drivers across Iran, went on a two-weeks-strike protesting low wages and high costs of spare late April.