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Iran's massive floods: ‘The God Test’ government failed

Iran's massive floods: ‘The God Test’ government failed
posted onApril 2, 2019

Iranian state media on Tuesday Called the recent deadly massive floods that hit the country and killed at least 45 people as “The God Test.”

The government is highly criticized among people for their lack of efficiency and ability to manage the crisis and rescue people in inundated areas.

“This is Koohrang, completely under water,” a citizen from the city says, condemning the officials and parliament members for not being among people in such a difficult time.

The Meteorological Organization warned about the flush of river in Khuzestan. The organization also warned flood affected areas including the Capital city of Tehran of further destruction as the risk of land subsidence is high.

Iran's massive floods: ‘The God Test’ government failed

Khuzestan Governorate on Tuesday made an announcement asking the resident of bank villages and towns to evacuate the area.

Videos received by Avatoday show many people in Pol-e Dokhtar of Lorestan were stuck on the roof top of their houses and spent a night there. Dozens more rushed to the mountains as floods evacuated the city.

Behnam Saeedi, Spokesperson for Crisis Management Committee said on Monday that six provinces consisting 400 towns and villages are affected by the floods.

According to Ghasemi 141 rivers have overflowed, blocking 3,000 roads and destroying 84 bridges.  

Pol-e Dokhtar in Iran’s province of Lorestan has witnessed the worst condition as heavy flood inundated the city and brought tons of mud into the city.

Iran's massive floods: ‘The God Test’ government failed

“look at Pol-e Dokhtar under two meters of mud. Houses are buried under mud,” a dweller of Pol-e Dokhtar says in a video. 

Islamic Republic authorities blame US sanctions for the government’s failure to help the devastated areas.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Minister said late on Monday that US Sanctions prevented the Country’s Red Crescent to assist flood-stricken areas.

Zarif tweeted that US “maximum pressure” on Iran “is impeding aid efforts by Iranian Red Crescent to all communities devastated by unprecedented floods. Blocked equipment includes relief choppers.”

Several European countries including Norway and Germany announced that they are ready to send humanitarian aids to the victims of the flash floods in Iran.

Bahram Ghasemi, Spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that the “US is preventing foreign countries to aid victims of floods in Iran by blocking Red Crescent bank accounts.”

The northern provinces of Mazandaran and Golestan have been dealing with massive floods in the last two weeks.