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On Newroz Eve, Iranian Kurds slam the Islamic regime

On Newroz Eve, Iranians slam the Islamic regime
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posted onMarch 21, 2019

Iranian Kurds celebrated new year and traditional Newroz Eve on Wednesday, while use the opportunity to show their dissatisfaction with a corrupted failing system.

Despite government’s frequent warning and use of force to keep people inside their homes, millions of Iranians throughout the country participated in mixed street celebrations.

In Kurdish towns and cities, people attended the celebration with “red rose” and “Jamaneh (a Kurdish custom scarf.)” 

The red rose was used as a symbol of the Kurdish “martyrs” who lost their lives in pro-longed struggle with the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Cases of tensions between people and security forces have been reported in several towns and cities. The Iranian forces have been trying to stop the public from showing up to the street celebrations.