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Iranian artists criticize government, refuse traditional Iftar invitation by president

Iranian artists criticize government
Iranian artists criticize government
A number of famous Iranian actors and actresses have refused to visit Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian president, for yearly Iftar invitation in Ramadan.
posted onMay 29, 2018


Parviz Parastooy, Mahnaz Afshar, Anahita Hemati, Maryam Boubani, Parastoo Golestani, Shila Khodad were among the actors and actresses who publicly announced their refusal on their social media accounts and criticized the government for the country’s financial and social crises.

“Taking the society’s situation and financial difficulties into consideration, I believe hosting such event which is costly [and they are numerous] is not necessary, at least according to my colleagues and I,” Parastooy, a famous Iranian actor wrote on his Instagram account, while thanking the president.

 Iranian artists criticize government, refuse traditional Iftar invitation by president

A number of Iranian artists were invited by the president on Monday to serve Iftar, the traditional male during the Muslim’s holy month of Ramadan.

“I would like to ask you (Hassan Rouhani) to invite Atena Daemi (an Iranian human rights activist) instead, who is recently became 30-years-old in Qarchak Varamin Prison and now is in Avin (one of the biggest prison in Tehran). She is not a criminal, she is only fighting for human rights in this country, “Afshar, also a famous actress who has refused the invitation wrote in her Instagram page.   

Hemati, another actress, has also criticized the government for growing problems in Iran including the government’s lack of ability to serve victims of deadly earth quack in Kermanshah.

 Iranian artists criticize government, refuse traditional Iftar invitation by president 2

She has also talked about the killing of Kurdish Kolbar in border towns that became a phenomenon in Iran.

“While people and I are struggling with problems and poverty and any kind of protest will be suppressed, my presence in such event is inappropriate,” wrote Hemati.

Boubani, Golestani and Khodada has also condemned the government for the country’s crisis while refusing the invitation.

“Mr President, how can we help you? Do you need artists, athletes and elite’s support again?” Khodad asked, while taking about Iran’s problems including poverty, addiction among teenagers and child sexual abuses which are unsolved.