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Iran arrests mother of Ismael Bakhshi

Iran arrests mother of Ismael Bakhshi
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posted onFebruary 17, 2019

Mother of jailed Iranian labor activist Ismael Bakhshi is reportedly detained by security forced on Sunday and sent to hospital after she experienced some health issues.

Independent news channel of Haft Tappeh workers reported on Sunday that the family who have been insisting to hear about their son’s situation in prison became under attack by security forces and his mother was detained.

Ismael Bakhshi, a worker activist and an employee in Haft Tappeh Sugarcane factory, was giving a speech among a crowd of protesters when the intelligence forces detained him for the first time.

“Due to the attack, she (Bakhsi’s mother) lost consciousness and she sent to hospital right away,” read the report.

Bakhshi has been detained for the second time a month ago.

Human Rights Watch criticized earlier the Islamic Republic officials for suppressing teacher and labor activists.

“Iranian authorities have increased targeting of teachers and labor activists in recent weeks for organizing and conducting peaceful protests,” Human Rights Watch said in a statement at that time after the arrest of Bakhshi and other activists.