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Iranwire: Iran used forced divorce to punish dissident

Iranwire: Iran used forced divorce to punish dissident
posted onMay 11, 2024

In a recent report, Iranwire claimed that it obtained a document indicating that authorities used forced divorce as a tactic against a dissident, whose identity is protected by the news agency. 

“IranWire has obtained a document revealing a court in West Azarbaijan province voting to separate an individual from his wife, citing the conviction of her husband, a former political prisoner on propaganda charges,” the report said.

The Islamic Republic has always employed various targeted methods to suppress its own citizens, and silence political and civil activists.

“This unprecedented verdict represents a new level of suppression, as it entails issuing extrajudicial sentences and meddling in the most intimate aspects of citizens' lives,” Iranwire added.

In a rare move, the 26th branch of the Court of Appeal of West Azarbaijan province reportedly confirmed the decision. Iranwire also revealed that the wife’s family were members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.