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Executions surge in Iran following nationwide protests

Executions surge in Iran following nationwide protests
posted onMay 4, 2024

The Islamic Republic executed 63 people in the last two weeks of April, bringing the total number in 2024 to 175, the Norway-based nonprofit Iran Human Rights (IHR) reported on May 2.

Meanwhile, protests in Iran persist. At least 280 demonstrations occurred in April alone.

These developments come in the wake of a renewed regime enforcement of mandatory headscarf laws, resulting in numerous arrests and beatings of women who fail to comply with them.

In 2023, Iran executed at least 834 people, according to IHR. Tehran also executed 333 people in 2021 as well as 582 people in 2022.

These figures do not include the hundreds of protestors killed by Iranian security forces since nationwide demonstrations began in September 2022.

Iran has consistently ranked only behind China in the number of total executions it conducts each year.