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The killing of a Kurdish girl by the military forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The killing of a Kurdish girl by the military forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran
A picture of Negar Karimian and the place where the bullet hit the car carrying her
posted onMarch 13, 2024

Following the direct firing of Iranian military forces, Negar Karimian, a 21-year-old youth from Borujen, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari provinces, was seriously injured and died in the hospital hours later due to the severity of his injuries.

According to the reports received by Avatody, on the morning of Saturday, March 9, 2024, the Iranian police fired directly and without warning at the car carrying the Karimian family, killing the daughter of this family, Negar Karimian.

According to Avatody news sources, this family was returning from the funeral ceremony and moving towards Isfahan, when the Iranian military forces shelled Pedre Nagar's car without any warning.

News sources told Avatody that the Lorestan Police Command announced to her family after the murder of Nagar Karimian that they mistakenly fired at their car.

قتل دختر لور بدست نیروهای نظامی ایران
A picture of Mohammad Tofighi, whose car was shot by Iranian military forces and injured

In a similar crime, on the morning of Wednesday, March 13, 2024, the police of Iran fired at Mohammad Tofighi's car without prior warning and seriously injured him. Mohammad Tawfighi, 20 years old, is from the village of Baneh.

Earlier, on the evening of Friday, January 19, 2023, in Borujard city of Lorestan province, the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran shot at a car and killed Anahita Amirpour, a 20-year-old student from Kohdasht.

In all the mentioned cases, the Iranian police and military forces have claimed that they mistakenly shot at Kurdish citizens, but political observers believe that the victims were killed only because they were Kurds.