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A Kurdish political prisoner was killed by Iranian security forces in Urmia prison

A Kurdish political prisoner was killed by Iranian security forces in Urmia prison
The Islamic rule means rule of death and execution
posted onFebruary 26, 2024

Following the serial murders of political prisoners in Iran's prisons, Shahin Golehdari, a Kurdish political prisoner, was killed by the security forces of the Islamic Republic.

According to the reports received by Avatody, 45-year-old Shahin Galehdari, a prisoner from "Haki" village of Tergor district of Urmia province, was killed on Sunday evening, February 25, 2024, in Urmia central prison.

Based on government reports, the officials of Urmia Central Prison have claimed that he committed suicide. However, according to Avatody's follow-up and according to the statements of this prisoner's associates, there was no sign of a suicide attempt in his behavior and he had a very good spirit.

Shahin Golehdari, who was serving his two-year sentence in the central prison of Urmia, was arrested on Thursday, February 28, 2019, by the forces of the terrorist intelligence organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Urmia.

So far, the body of martyr Shahin Galehdari has not been handed over to his family and loved ones. According to a source close to Avatody, the body of this political prisoner has been transferred to the forensic doctor of Urmia.

After being arrested in 2019 and enduring torture in the detention centers of the Intelligence Organization, Shahin Galehdari was temporarily released on bail.

Finally, in 2021, he was sentenced to two years in prison by the third branch of the Urmia Revolutionary Court on the charge of acting against national security.

According to the latest Avatody report, which was prepared based on reliable news reports, at least 32 prisoners were killed for various reasons in Iran in 2023.

These reasons include torture, lack of medical treatment, conflict with other prisoners, suspicious death, poisoning, suicide, gunshots during detention and heart attack before execution, etc.