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Israel criticises Iran-US prisoner swap

Israel criticises Iran-US prisoner swap
posted onAugust 13, 2023

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday criticized a US-Iran agreement to release around $6 billion worth of frozen Iranian assets in the South Korea Central Bank in exchange for a prisoner swap.

“Israel's position is clear regarding agreements that won't dismantle Iran's nuclear infrastructure, won't halt its nuclear activities, but instead will provide funding to terror elements sponsored by Tehran,” said Netanyahu in a written statement issued by his office.

Netanyahu added that Israel considers Iran's nuclear program and the groups it is affiliated with in the region as the "number one national security threat.”

On Aug. 10, the White House confirmed that five American citizens imprisoned in Iran had been released from detention and placed under house arrest.

Iran's deputy foreign minister and chief negotiator, Ali Bagheri, said that Iran's frozen assets and numerous Iranian citizens detained in the US would be released.